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Finding Refuge In Christ


Everyone has a story

Blood Hounds

BLOODHOUNDS Bloodhounds are a breed of dog that is trained to follow a scent trail until they come to the end and catch or tree their prey. I am told that the really good bloodhounds hate the prey that they are tracking and want to catch it and if they do catch it they will tear the animal to shreds. I am also told that if the bloodhounds are tracking you there is one thing that you can do to…

Experiencing Refuge In Christ

Experiencing refuge is not something I have been familiar with until recently. The story of my walk with God began when I was very young. I was raised in a Christian family who daily taught me about the Lord. I accepted Christ as my Savior when I was 5, young enough that I prayed the the sinner’s prayer several more times during my childhood to re-affirm my faith. It was an environment filled with Biblical teaching and I learned many…

International Travel

There are two essential documents that are required by any traveler wanting to go from one country to another country. The first document is proof that the person is a citizen of their own country, called a passport. The second document is permission granted by the country of destination you want to enter, called a visa. Both of these documents need to be obtained before the person can begin travel. Becoming a Christian is similar to international travel. To travel…