COVID-19 Plan to Re-engage

COVID-19 Plan to Re-engage

Updated August 22, 2020

The following procedure is subject to change as we monitor the infections within our city and follow city officials’ recommendations.

Phase III: Face to Face

Volunteer staff:

  • Wearing masks/bandanas and gloves
  • Hand sanitizer application
  • Holding doors open (entrance and sanctuary)
  • Limits for the sanctuary is 50% of fire code (limit 100 people)


  • Practicing social distancing
    • Social distanced pods provided
      • Please remain seated during service
      • Masks worn when entering building or singing
    • Sitting in family units (optional alt: Families in back on blankets and/or pack and plays to provide boundary for children)
  • Mask provided for safety when singing or up out of your family seating pods
    • Children under ten are not required to wear a mask
    • We encourage you to bring your own masks, but we will have supplies.
    • Use hand sanitizer provided
    • Minimal touching of surfaces
    • Covering coughs and sneezes
  • “At Risk” members (65 and older or preexisting conditions)
    • City Ordinance recommends staying home.

Coffee Connection:

  • Individual coffees served
    • Staff to dispense and distribute in the back of the sanctuary.
  • Individual Water bottles available

Child Care:

  • Please review email or website for our policies (below)
  • Resumes following city official’s guidelines

Sunday school:

  • TBD

Facebook Live:

 Youth Group/College Ministry/Community Group:

  • Return to in-person/zoom meeting (hybrid)
  • Practicing social distancing and masks when not able to keep distance

Child care guidelines

We are excited to reopen our nursery! It is open to children ages 0-3 years old on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month. We have expanded the age to include three-year-olds to better serve families at this time.

New safety precautions:

  • Stricter Wellness Standards. Children would need to be free of all symptoms for at least 48 hours, including those thought to be allergies since COVID-19 can often present itself in children as allergy symptoms. Symptoms include cough, runny nose, fever, sore throat, diarrhea, vomiting, etc. We do not plan on taking temperatures, but will have a thermometer available for parents to administer if a child feels warm.
    • If a child displays symptoms after being dropped off, they will be isolated from the other children and the parent will be asked to come get them.
  • Cleaning Standards. Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected before and after the Sunday service. We will maintain an adequate supply of cleaning products, disinfectants, and disposable gloves. Standard trash cans have been replaced with no-touch trash cans and will be emptied after each service. The majority of toys have been removed in order to limit sharing and reduce the time needed to disinfect each week.
  • Drop Off / Pickup Procedures. The following measures are to help limit exposure and promote social distancing
    • To limit # of people in child care area, we ask that only one parent drop off their children, and that the same parent also picks them up after the service.
    • To limit # of people in child care rooms, our policy is that parents should not enter the rooms.
    • To promote social distancing, only one family at a time will be in the childcare hallway during drop-off and pick-up. We ask that other families stay in the front foyer while waiting their turn.
    • We ask that each family bring their own pen to sign in and out, rather than the church providing a shared pen.
  • Other Precautions:
    • Air purifier for each room.
    • No food or drink served, except bottles for infants.
    • Face masks will be worn by child care workers according to the City of Columbia mask ordinance.
    • We are limiting the occupancy of the nursery room to a maximum of 6 kids and 2 workers. The adjoining nursing moms’ room will be used as overflow if this limit is exceeded.
    • To protect those who are more vulnerable, workers who are 70 years or older are asked not to serve at this time.